By Terez Howard

Loc jewelry is a great way to dress up your locs.  You can add flair to a simple natural hair style with loc jewelry.  A loc cuff, loc lasso and other types of hair jewelry look beautiful in a head of locs.loc jewelry

Such hair accessories and adornments might look nice, but you have to keep the following 5 points in mind when shopping for loc jewelry so that you don’t damage your natural hair.

1. Exercise caution when using loc jewelry.

Some loc jewelry requires you sew them into the locs.  Other types of loc jewelry become intertwined with the locs.  If your natural hair has not yet matured, these pieces might become buried if your locs have not yet gone through expansion and contraction.

You can pull a loc cuff up an immature loc.  However, this pulling and tugging can stretch your locs and cause them unnecessary stress.  You can actually disturb and hinder the locking process by pulling a loc cuff through an immature loc.  If you do choose to wear loc cuffs early in your loc journey, be careful to never force a loc cuff up a loc.  It should slide easily.

You can use a loc lasso, which resembes a wide ponytail holder, at any stage, just so your hair is long enough.  A loc lasso should not cause any damage to your locs, unless you pull your natural hair too tight too frequently.

2. You can wash your natural hair with loc jewelry in it.

Soap and water will not harm most types of loc jewelry; cleaning the jewelry is a good thing, especially if your loc jewelry is sewn into your locs.  Since it will not be removed unless you cut the loc, that loc jewelry must be kept clean.  So, you do not have to avoid getting your hair jewelry wet or soapy.

3. Loc jewelry made from copper, sterling silver or argentium silver will not fade.

Copper is the best type of metal for loc jewelry.  It will not fade, discolor or damage your locs.  Argentium silver is a type of tarnish-resistant silver.  Of course, sterling silver, a more expensive option, will not fade.

These points are especially helpful to keep in mind if you plan on making your own loc jewelry.  You can purchase these wires at a craft store or hardware store.

4. Some types of loc jewelry can get discolored.

Yes, you can wash your loc jewelry, but this will probably lend to its getting discolored in time.  Even if you avoid soap and water, some loc jewelry will still experience a degree of discoloration.  Hair care products and perspiration also cause discoloration.  Pewter-based and tin-based metals will last, but gold tones tend to discolor in time.  Although color coated wire looks cute, they too will fade after a while.

Tip: To preserve your loc jewelry’s color, protect it with a coat of clear fingernail polish.

5. Size matters.

Not all locs are created equally.  When you purchase hair jewelry, you want to make sure you are buying the right size for your locs.  There is a big difference between the size of tiny Sisterlocks and large traditional dreadlocks.  There are even differences between two women with Sisterlocks and two women with traditional dreadlocks.

When you go to purchase a loc cuff, check with the creator to see if the loc cuff comes in different sizes.  If there is a one size fits all rule, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t fit your locs.  Some loc jewelry comes with sizing options, while others can be bended or stretched to fit your locs.  Just be sure to do your homework before you make a purchase.

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