By Terez Howard

Detangling natural hair must be done to remove knots and tangles. Curls and coils have a tendency to twist and intertwine around one another. So a proper detangling must be done to remove those knots without causing damage or breakage to those fragile strands.

You will have to be patient, and it will take time to detangle hair properly.  But you will notice greater hair growth and healthier hair when you detangle your natural hair the right way.  All you really need is hair conditioner and a wide tooth comb.  Remember, always be gentle when you detangle hair.

Products Needed To Detangle Hair

  1.  Hair conditioner
  2. Wide tooth comb or Denman brush
  3. Rat tail comb (optional)
  4. Clips or hair bands (optional)

You don’t need a special detangling hair conditioner or a particular detangler to detangle hair.  Any hair conditioner that provides slippage to your hair will work fine.  A conditioner with slippage encourages a wide tooth comb or Denman brush to glide through a section of hair more easily.  These are the only two products you definitely need to detangle hair.  The other tools are optional.

You can use a rat tail comb to part your hair into sections.  But you can also use your fingers to do this.  I found that I could manipulate my fingers easier than a rat tail comb and section my hair without snapping any strands.  If you use a rat tail comb, use the pointy end and part the hair down the middle.  Divide those two sections into four, then four into eight.  Continue until you have manageable sections for your length.  If the rat tail comb ever gets caught when parting, put it down and use your fingers to remove knots and tangles.

You can use clips or hair bands to keep unwanted sections out of your way when you detangle hair.  If you have short natural hair, use clips.  Longer natural hair can utilize hair bands.  With the following method of detangling natural hair, you don’t have to use clips or hair bands.

How To Detangle Hair

  1. On wet hair, begin to divide your natural hair into 8 to 12 manageable sections.  Use a rat tail comb or your fingers.  Loosely two strand twist and tuck each section or use clips or hair bands.
  2. Tip: If you have very coily hair (like my loose hair was), smaller sections are much easier to work with and reduce possible breakage.
  3. Unravel one section and apply hair conditioner to it.
  4. Using a wide tooth comb or Denman brush, detangle hair from tip to root.  Be very careful to not rake the comb or brush through your strands.  If you find a stubborn tangle, put the tool down and use your fingers to remove it.
  5. Put that section back in its tucked twist.
  6. Continue steps 2 through 5 until you have conditioned and detangled all of your hair.
  7. Rinse your natural hair while still in the tucked twists.
  8. Then, unravel a section and let the water rinse the hair without combing again.
  9. Twist and tuck that section again.
  10. Continue by unraveling each section, rinsing one section at a time and then twist and tuck again.
  11. Now your hair is ready for moisturizing products and a style!


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