By Terez Howard

So, you love your locs, but you want to jazz them up a bit.  Dreadlock accessories are the perfect place to start.  They get you out of the rut of styling your natural hair the exact same way.  They add a little spice to your everyday look.

Dreadlock accessories can include hats for dreadlocks, loc jewelry, dreadlock beads, clips, sticks and dreadlock bands.  Dreadlock beads and loc jewelry are the only type of dreadlock accessories that should be used on mature locs.  Since these accessories require you to slide or sew them in, you want to make sure your locs have gone through all of the stages of locking.  (During the teenage stage, your locs will expand, and they will contract down toward the end of this stage.  After this point, they are considered mature).

In addition, when your natural hair is still locking, you do not want to disturb the process by pulling dreadlock accessories through the locs.  This might cause unraveling and breakage.

Dreadlock Bands

Thin bands, thick bands, rubber bands.  Dreadlock bands can look stylish as well as serve a purpose – keep your locs out of your face!  These dreadlock accessories are especially useful when you are working out or playing sports.

You can actually make your own dreadlocks bands out of pantyhose legs.  Simply cut off the legs of the pantyhose color of your choice, and tie them around your dreadlocks.

You can also make dreadlock bands after a visit to a craft store.  Purchase the fabric of your choice.  Sew around the edges, if necessary, and rock it.

Dreadlock Clips and Sticks

If you are growing traditional dreadlocks, then you probably know all about using clips when palm rolling or twisting your roots.  However, dreadlock clips can be used for more than that.  These dreadlock accessories are perfect for creating a different look for your locs.  Dreadlock clips are especially lovely for a feminine touch.  They can be flowers, feathers, buttons or other unique designs.

If you have very thick individual locs, then dreadlock clips might not be for you.  Even if you do use these types of dreadlock accessories, be careful to not pull the clip through a loc.  It’s also best to wear dreadlock clips without teeth, as these can pull hairs out of your locs.

Hair sticks can be used to secure a bun or just to spice up an updo.  Once again, be careful to not ram sticks through your tender locs.  This can cause damage to your natural hair.  You do not want your dreadlocks to suffer just for the sake of looking cute for one day.

Dreadlock Accessories for Mature Locs

Dreadlock beads.  Yes, you can slide dreadlock beads through immature locs, but I do not recommend it.  A minimal styling routine should be maintained for baby locs and teenage locs.  Mature locs can better hold dreadlock beads, and these dreadlock accessories usually are designed for mature locs.

Dreadlock beads come in a variety of colors, designs and materials, from wooden to glass to plastic.  Make sure the inside of your dreadlock beads have an unlined hole.  Lined holes include a finish, like a colored finish or metallic one, on the inside of the bead.  Finishes will wear off in time, and that finish can get trapped in your locs.

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