By Terez Howard

Whether you are looking to make a fashion statement or cover up a bad hair day, hats for dreadlocks give you what you need. As your locs grow longer and get larger, you will find it becoming difficult to fit them under a “one size fits all” hat. Most hats are not made to fit so much natural hair. If you want to wear a hat, you will need to purchase hats for dreadlocks, designed specifically to accommodate locs.

Hats for dreadlocks come in a variety of styles. You can get a dread band, basket hat, dread tam, head wrap or make your very own dreadlock cap.

Dread Band

A dread band is a hat that allows your dreadlocks to hang loose. It looks like a very thick headband that nearly covers your entire head. Dread bands come in crocheted, knit and fleece materials. If you want a dread band to keep your head warm, you should opt for a warmer fabric, like fleece. For the most part, these hats for dreadlocks are meant to be fashionable and keep your locs out of your face.

Basket Hat

A basket hat is called such because of the basket pattern on the hat. Oversized basket hats flop in the back, allowing the wearer to place their dreadlocks in the hat or allow them to hang loose. They also usually include a drawstring, which allows these hats for dreadlocks to fit all head sizes.

Some basket hats come with beads and may be made from wool. A wool hat can be very itchy and hot, so if you’re particularly sensitive to this fabric, you might not want wool hats for dreadlocks.

Dread Tam

Dread tams are large enough to hold even the longest of locs. These floppy hats can come with a bill or without one. These hats for dreadlocks are known for their signature crocheted look. Perfect for a bad hair day, a dread tam will keep you looking stylish all day long.

Head Wrap

Head wraps are particularly beautiful for all types of black natural hair. A head wrap specifically designed for dreadlocks is longer than most head wraps (some up to 8 feet!) and usually is stretchy, allowing you to do more than just simply wrap it around your hair. A head wrap can be very versatile, looking like a headband, ponytail holder as well as several other unique looks.

Make Your Own Hats For Dreadlocks

If you need a dreadlock cap to keep your locs out of the way around the house or to protect them while you sleep, you can make a few simple hats for dreadlocks out of pantyhose. Here’s what you do:

  1. Turn the pantyhose inside out.
  2. Knot the pantyhose right below the crotch.
  3. Cut off the legs (which can be used for a headband later).
  4. Pull the pantyhose so that they are no longer inside out.
  5. Place your dreadlock cap on your head.

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