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How You Can Style Your Loc Braid-Out
A Look At 29 Different Locs Styles

How To Make Transitioning To Natural Hair As Easy As Possible

By Terez Howard Going from relaxed, permed hair to natural hair can be quite an experience. You have two textures that are very different vying for your attention. On the one end, there’s the straight, chemically processed hair, and on the other, newly found curls and coils. Transitioning to natural hair should be made as easy as possible. If you are ready to cross over into the natural world and you are not concerned with length, go for the big chop and sport the teeny weeny afro. Since most are not so daring, you can gradually transition to natural hair by wearing natural hair styles, like a twists, a twist out, Bantu knots and straw sets. These hair styles  help
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Locs or Locks? Which Word Applies To Natural Hair, and What Are They?

By Terez Howard Locs or locks?  Which is it?  As a writer, I’ve had quite a time deciding what each of these words means.  From my personal research, I could find no grammatical or spelling rules.  So, to make things organized and easy for myself, I have defined these two words as they refer to hair.  On Naturalicious Hair, I will only use these two words in the following ways: Locs – This term strictly refers to any locs, such as dreadlocks, braidlocs, Sisterlocks, Brotherlocks, Riqui lox and the like.  I will use the terms locked and locking, rather than loced and locing. Locks – This is a broader term for actual strands of hair, any hair.  It can refer
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10 Natural Hair Care Tips To Give The Natural Lady Healthy Hair

By Terez Howard Natural hair is beautiful.  It is versatile, unique and your own.  Who would have every thought you could confidently go out of the hosue with your hair likenatural hair care that?  You can, and you do.  It is a freeing experience to rock natural hair each and every day. To keep your natural hair in tip top shape, you have to have a natural hair care regimen that encourages the hair to be healthy. Since everyone’s curls and coils are different, natural hair care regimens will vary. These 10 natural hair care tips are general rules that every natural should follow. They include ways to encourage hair growth, why you should deep condition and what a satin
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Magnetic Rollers On Sisterlocks

By Terez Howard   This was a very simple style.  I simply spritzed my hair with water and rolled it with magnetic rollers.  I sat under a hooded dryer for about 45 minutes and then gently removed the rollers. At night, I pulled my hair in a very loose pony tail and covered it with a satin bonnet. The style gave my Sisterlocks bounciness for several days. Related Posts:The Style After Swimming With Sisterlocks

A Look At The Lady Behind Locks4life

By Terez Howard I would like to introduce you to Paulette Brown, the lady behind Locks4life.  She educated me on why we Sisterlocked sisters should listen to our consultants/trainees.  I’m very thankful that Paulette took the time out of her busy schedule for this interview.  She also shared her own interesting journey with Sisterlocks®.  Guess what?  She was doing them and didn’t want them!  Let’s get right into it. How long have you been a Sisterlocks® consultant, and why did you decide to become one? I took the class in 2002 and only to do my husbands’ hair. He was researching options for himself and stumbled upon the information. The next thing I know I had taken the class and
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