By Terez Howard

Locs are as versatile as loose natural hair.  They can look professional, sophisticated, fun, hip or just plain simple.  There are a variety of locs hair styles that can be achieved on short and long locs alike.  With locs, you can curl them, twist them, braid them, cornrow them, even put Bantu knots in them.  You can even combine different locs hair styles to make a unique creation of your very own.

To achieve various locs hair styles, you will need rubber bands, hair pins, rollers and perhaps a good setting lotion.  For many locs hair styles, you actually do not need any products.  Freshly washed locs and a spray bottle of water will suffice.

Twisted Locs Hair Styles

You can two strand twist your locs.  You can either create small two strand twists or large ones, depending on the look you hope to achieve.

Locs also can be put in flat twists.  Medium to small sized locs respond best to flat twists.

Braided Locs Hair Styles

Braided locs have a very ethnic appearance.  If you have large traditional dreadlocks, you can grab 3 locs and braid.  With smaller sized dreadlocks, you can grab 6 to 9 locs to create a braided locs hair style.

Locs Hair Styles With Cornrows

Cornrows look beautiful in locs.  You don’t need much natural hair to create cornrows.  You can cornrow the top and let the back hang free.  You can also cornrow the back into an updo at the top.  You can accent your hairline with a lone cornrow or add a few to a pre-existing locs hair style.

Bantu Knot Locs Hair Styles

Bantu knots only look neat in locs if you have definite parts.  So, if you’re rocking organic dreadlocks, Bantu knots probably will not look very nice since you don’t have well-defined parting.

To make Bantu knots, you do not have to actually knot your natural hair.  You can either single strand twist or two strand twist the locs until you feel tension.  Then, allow that tension in the locs to wrap around itself.  Either tuck the locs under the knot or use rubber bands to secure the Bantu knots.

Curly Locs Hair Styles

To achieve curly locs hair styles, you can use rollers, perm rods or pipe cleaners.  You might need to leave the rollers in your locs for as long as one day, especially if you have long locs.  The wetter your natural hair is to start, the tighter the curls will be and the longer the hair style will last.  Short locs look especially cute when curly and don’t require much length to wrap them around perm rods.

You can also get curly locs by unraveling two strand twists, braids, cornrows, flat twists or Bantu knots.  It’s like having two locs hair styles in one.

Other Locs Hair Styles

Locs hair styles that combine a variety of techniques are a favorite.  Couple cornrows with Bantu knots or flat twists with a twist out.  Pin old curly locs up into an elegant updo.  Create a loc-hawk with cornrows on the sides and crinkly locs down the center.  Your options really are endless when it comes to styling locs.

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