locs updo

By Terez Howard

First, I want to share a link that inspired this hair style for short locs.  It is the fourth picture found here.  My Sisterlocks were really too short to do the “Loc and Roll.”  When I tried to roll, there was nothing really to roll.  I included a shot of my length:

So, I improvised.  I achieved this updo on my short Sisterlocks by doing the following:

  1. I divided my hair into two sections, one on top and one on the bottom.
  2. I put 3 small flat twists in my hair and secured them with black rubber bands.
  3. Then, I made another flat twist, larger than the other 3, along the right side of my head.
  4. I rolled across the ends of the 3 small flat twists and secured that section with a black rubber band.
  5. I loosely rolled my hair toward my left ear and secured it with a black rubber band.
  6. Locs were sticking out crazily, and some weren’t really in the roll.  So I used bobby pins to keep them down.
  7. I swooped the back hair to the left side and secured it with bobby pins.  I think I used 4.
  8. Lastly, I pinned my bun loosely and let the other locs from the back go whatever way they wanted.

Variations on this updo for short locs

  1. Create another roll in the back section of hair.  I really wanted the back to be another rolled twist.  But my hair was too short, and it didn’t look right with bobby pins.  If your locs are a little longer than mine, you can achieve this.
  2. No bun.  You don’t have to have a bun.  Rather, you can let your locs come forward toward your face.  I removed my bun after a day or two.
  3. Let the hair in the back flow freely.  You could do a braid out or put rollers in it to create a cool texture.  I let my back section loose after a few days.

sisterlocks length  updo with flat twists  short sisterlocks  side view of sisterlocks  updo on short locs  sisterlocks flat twists


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