By Terez Howard

Here in Ohio, we had temperatures in the 100’s, unusual highs for the summer.  With all that heat, a dip in the pool was inevitable.  And no, you don’t have to stay out of the pool when you have Sisterlocks.

When you’re swimming with new Sisterlocks, you should:

1. Protect your ends.  You braid and band when you shampoo your Sisterlocks.  The same holds true when you submerge.  My consultant said cornrows or flat twists also would be acceptable, just so my ends were protected.

2. Wear a swim cap if you aren’t going to braid or twist.  This also holds true if your Sisterlocks are too short to cornrow or flat twist.  You probably don’t want to got to the pool with a rainbow of rubberbands on your ends.  A swim cap would be much less embarrassing.

3. Wet your hair before you swim.  When you wet your natural hair with tap water, your hair will absorb less chlorine because it already has absorbed the tap water.  This will help your Sisterlocks from getting dry and brittle, especially if you swim frequently.

4. Wash your hair after you swim.  You should not take down your braids, cornrows, flat twists, or whatever protective hair style you chose to wear while swimming with Sisterlocks.  Simply shampoo and allow your Sisterlocks to dry like you normally would.  My consultant suggests taking out my braids when my hair is 90 percent dry.

What I do when I swim

Even though I’m 9 months into my Sisterlocks journey, I still have to protect my ends.  I like to create a style before I swim that I can confidently wear to the pool.  I particularly like to flat twist because I love the twist-out texture.

I suggest you create a Sisterlocks hair style that you can rock after your wash.

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