By Terez Howard

Patience is a virture.

I recently read a post from one of my favorite Sisterlocks bloggers, Blaq Kofi, who reminded me not to stress over my Sisterlocks growth.  She talked about the Sister we become during all of the stages of our Sisterlocks.  I’ve noticed three things about myself and my ever evolving natural hair.

First off, I have become very proud of my natural hair.  I don’t need chemicals or any other straightening process to make me feel decent to walk out of the house for the day.  I have always been proud of being natural.  But it’s different now.  Before with my natural hair, I felt stuck in a cycle of boring natural hairstyles.  Now, I’m on the horizon of a journey into the unknown.  It’s very exciting.

sisterlocks growth
Stretched Sisterlock

Second, Sisterlocks have helped me to give up the habits of a product junkie.  I loved products.  I was always searching for that special serum or perfect gel that would make my twists and my fro look just so.  Now, I cannot use any products, with the exception of shampoo.  I used to find this inhibiting because I constantly wanted to see how my natural hair would respond to a product combined with a style.  Now, I’m so happy that my hair doesn’t need one single styling product.

Lastly, right now, yes, I want my Sisterlocks to grow long.  I want to be able to tie my locs together, create awesome updos and cascading curls down my back.  My length and my immature locs prevent me from manipulating my hair too much.  But I take heart in the fact that my hair is growing.  When you look at me, my longest Sisterlocks sit on the back of my neck.  A stretch reveals those same locs actual hit past my clavicle.  Progress is happening, slowly but surely.

What’s this mean for you?

I don’t know the answer to the question posed in the title.  When will my locs drop?  I will have to wait and see.  Some ladies see their Sisterlocks mature after a matter of 6 months.  (I was really hoping to be one of those women).  Others don’t have truly mature Sisterlocks until two years down the road.  That means one thing:

We’ve got to be patient!

Easier said than done, I know.   Some days I’ll be examining my locs and scream out to my husband, “They’re never going to mature!”  He always tells me that they will… in time.  It’s true.  That Sisterlocks growth that we crave will happen, and natural hair growth is occurring all of the time.

So to quell my anxiety, I am going to create my very first comparison shots page very soon.  Check back to see my progress over the past 8 months!

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