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How To Find The Best Sisterlocks Consultant or Trainee

  By Terez Howard For me, I had a limited number of options.  I went to the official Sisterlocks website and found my area.  I contacted a half dozen or so consultants and trainees on the list within a 2 1/2 hour-radius of my home in mid-eastern Ohio.  Interestingly, only one got back with me in a timely manner – Chasrah Gomer.  She became my consultant. My experience makes the process sound easy.  But it wasn’t.  I was frustrated that most of the consultants and trainees did not contact me, and I didn’t want to just settle for the one person that actually contacted me back. So, I turned to BlaqKofi, a Sisterlocks consultant from Oklahoma with a rockin’ blog.  She advised me
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About Terez and Her Sisterlocks

My name is Terez Howard, and I maintain this Sisterlocks blog, as well as its parent site at Naturalicious Hair.  I started this blog to help naturalistas see what Sisterlocks are all about and to encourage fellow Sisterlocked sisters to maintain healthy hair care. I am currently a freelance writer/editor and AdSense publisher.  My past jobs have included being an editor at a newspaper as well as writing for various newspapers, magazines, blogs and websites. I am a wife to a professional violinist trapped in an orchestra teacher’s body and a 3-year-old daughter going on 30. And My Sisterlocks… My Sisterlocks were born on Oct. 29, 2010 from two consultants, Chasrah Gomer and Roxanne Ray, working in my hair for 13
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