1 1/2-month-old Sisterlocks

By Terez Howard

As the hilarious Dwight Schrute once said on The Office, “Why tip someone for a job I’m capable of doing myself? I can deliver food. I can drive a taxi. I can, and do, cut my own hair.”  And the punch line, “I did, however, tip my urologist, because I am unable to pulverize my own kidney stones.”

But, seriously, should we tip a Sisterlocks consultant or trainee?

My husband tips the barber that does his hair.  Of course, the traditional 10 to 15 percent of $15 isn’t much.  What if your price tag is the usual starting price for a Sisterlocks consultation, locking day and the first follow-up visit, or $550?  What if you’ve got some length and high density and have to pay $850?  What if the price is even higher than that?  Then we’re talking about a tip between $55 and well over $100.  That could possibly pay for a retightening!

I asked the great Phyllis Johnson, a.k.a. Video Locktician, my question before my Sisterlock installation.  Here’s what she said:

This is a great question.  The tipping range for any service usually falls between 10-15 percent (so anywhere from $55-$110 for an installation).  From experience, a very small percentage of my clients tip, however, I’ve always tipped my locktician at least $10 during my retightenings…$5  and up would be appropriate.

What I did and what I do

I decided that I was not going to tip for my installation.  Maybe this wasn’t the best choice, but the price was so high that I could not afford to give an adequate tip.  I felt that a small tip would be meager in comparison to the price.  Since Phyllis said most of her clients don’t tip, then I didn’t think that my consultant would be surprised when she did not get one.

On the other hand, I tip for every single retightening.  This is a tip that I can afford.  Not only that, I feel that if I did not tip her, it would parallel not tipping a delivery boy or a taxi driver.  Yes, like Dwight said, I am capable of delivering food and driving a taxi.  But, I’m not actually doing it!

With my Sisterlocks, I admit that at this point in time, I am neither capable to do nor do I do what my consultant does.  She deserves a tip more than the person that delivers my food or drives me in a cab.  She does something that I can’t do, and she does it well.

I’m curious.  Do you tip your Sisterlocks consultant?

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