braid out
Braid-out after braiding and banding

By Terez Howard

My first follow-up visit was honestly pretty quick and straightforward.  It was, in many ways, the most important visit I’ve ever had with my Sisterlocks because it was when I learned how to wash my hair.  Thirty plus shampooings later, I still wash my hair this way and utilize the techniques I learned during this visit.

My advice: Pay close attention during your follow-up visit.  You will help your natural hair progress and thrive when you learn how to care for it properly.

Here are the three main things that happened during my first follow-up visit after my Sisterlock installation (and what you can expect to happen during yours):

  1. Braiding and banding. This simple method of braiding the locs and securing them with rubberbands keeps immature locs from unraveling.  Sisterlocks are very vulnerable in their early stages and require gentle care.
    Tip: Don’t make the sections of hair too large, placing locs from ear to ear in one section.  If you do, the braids will be likely to unravel in the shower, defeating the purpose of braiding and banding.
  2. The 1st wash. I learned during my first follow-up visit that when you wash Sisterlocks, you have to be gentle.  There is no heavy scrubbing, just gentle massaging.  Focus on the roots and squeeze the banded sections with shampoo.  A thorough rinse is required.
  3. Retightening. For me, this was not a complete retightening of my entire head.  My first follow-up visit was only one week after installation.  My Sisterlocks consultant did retighten a few locs around my hairline just to neaten them up.  For some, your first follow-up visit will include a total retightening.  My first retightening happened four weeks after locking day.

My first follow-up visit was included with my locking day.  Most consultants and trainees will give this to you as a package deal.  I’ve read how other ladies have stopped going to their Sisterlocks consultants/trainees because they got what they wanted from Sisterlocks.  Some just want the precise grid parting, and once they have it, they become DIYers.

Of course, it’s YOUR hair, and no one can tell you what to do with it.  However, I have learned much from my Sisterlocks consultant that I would not have known if my first follow-up visit had been my last.  It’s something worth considering.

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