locking day

Two days after my Sisterlocks were installed

By Terez Howard

Locking day started at 7 a.m. on Oct. 29, 2010 and ended a little after 8 p.m. that same day.  Two Sisterlocks consultants, Chasrah Gomer and Roxanne Ray, worked in my natural hair at that time.  Needless to say, it was a very long day.  I was so excited to be getting my Sisterlocks that I felt like that time flew.

For those of you who don’t relish the thought of sitting for that long period of time, know that this is the ONLY time you will have to sit so long.  Also, don’t expect to have to sit for the same amount of time as I did.  I learned more about my hair at my consultation.  Your length and density might make your locking day last longer or shorter than mine.  Some last for just 8 hours, while I’ve heard others having to sit for more than 30 hours during the course of three days.

What do you do all that time?

Here’s a list of some things you can bring to pass time:

  • Books and magazines.  Enjoy your favorite read.
  • School work.  Why not finish your homework and studying?
  • Laptop.  You can get work done, or you can play a few games.
  • MP3 player.  Make a playlist of your favorite tunes for locking day.
  • Calendar.  I’m a huge scheduler and list maker, so this can be the perfect time to map out your week or month, for that matter.

I brought a lot of that stuff, but I ended up talking and listening the entire time.  I got to know Chasrah and Roxanne better and appreciate why they became consultants and what they do for other ladies.

On that note, I have to share a short story.  While I had my Sisterlocks installed, two women entered the salon (at different times) in need of Sisterlock care.  They had both gone to Roxanne early in their journeys, and for one reason or another, they decided to have their Sisterlocks cared for by others.  They returned because the different individuals who were caring for their Sisterlocks were not doing so properly.  (I don’t believe they were going to registered consultants or trainees).  Interestingly, they went back to Roxanne to fix their problem locs.  Roxanne and Chasrah knew just what to do to rectify their problems.

Those experiences made me appreciate that I was at the right salon – Personal Affects – and that I would not be going to any other.

Definite necessities

So, you have what you need to pass time.  There are three other things I recommend having for locking day.

  1. Food.  You are going to have to eat.  If you bring your own breakfast, lunch and possibly dinner, then you don’t have to stop at all or very long to eat.
  2. Aleve.  Maybe you don’t need this, but I found that when I got my test Sisterlocks installed, my head was throbbing.  I went to locking day prepared with Aleve to soothe the pain.  Even if you don’t plan on taking any pills, bring some along just in case you’re more tender-headed than you think.
  3. Money.  You have to pay!  By this time, you know if you need cash, check or can use credit.

A long day, but worth it

I was so happy at the end of my locking day.  I knew I would never ever sit for 13 hours again.  I’ve heard a lot of women tell me that they could never sit for that amount of time.  Maybe they could, and maybe they couldn’t.  Personally, I think the results were well worth the long sit.


Sisterlocks side Sisterlocks


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