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Medium-size Sisterlocks

By Terez Howard

I was too excited when I went for my Sisterlocks consultation back in October 2010.  I knew that I would be getting test locs, and that this would help me to see if my hair texture was conducive to wearing Sisterlocks.  But there were some things that went on that I didn’t know about.

The Sisterlocks book

One of the first things my Sisterlocks consultant did was show me a book of women with Sisterlocks.  I noticed one overall theme with Sisterlocks.  They’re all different!  Some ladies opted to have tiny, micro locs installed, while others chose for a larger loc style.  There were even men in the book that rocked Brotherlocks.

I also got to see the different stages of Sisterlocks.  When Sisterlocks are first installed, they are extremely tiny and somewhat lifeless.  As they progress, my consultant explained that each individual hair loc would double in size and later compress down to half that size.  She explained that during the stage when the Sisterlocks plump up, she would groom them to keep my natural hair from looking unruly.  She said that the ugly stage of locs that most people talked about would be nonexistent.

I’m currently seven months into my Sisterlocks journey, and I still have not seen an ugly stage.

What do you want your Sisterlocks to look like?

When Chasrah asked me that question, I didn’t know that I had much of a choice.  After I looked at the book, I knew I had options.  I replied that I wanted small, but not too small Sisterlocks.  I guess that would be considered a medium size.  I coveted her Sisterlocks and their tiny size.  But when she told me the hours upon hours that it took to retighten her hundreds of Sisterlocks, I knew that I did not want mine that small.

I plan on taking the retightening class and generally maintaining my own Sisterlocks.  With super small Sisterlocks, I would never want to retighten my hair.

That’s something to consider when you’re choosing your size.  If you want to be a DIY-er (do-it-yourselfer), then you have got to think about how much time you can realistically devote to your hair.  Even if you don’t want to do it yourself, you must think, Do I want to sit in a chair for five hours every six weeks for a retightening?

Test Sisterlocks

So, I settled on a medium size.  Before my test locs were installed, my natural hair was measured.  I learned that I had 7 to 8 inches of natural hair, with some spots reaching up to 12 inches.  My second consultant, Roxanne, told me that my hair was fine and that I had a moderate density.  Then, in went my first five Sisterlocks.

The price

With my length and density known, I received a concrete total price for the entire installation of Sisterlocks and my first follow-up visit, which would include my first washing.  If I got a haircut to even out my length, I could save $100.  (That’s what I did!)

Your Starter Kit

I received my Sisterlocks Starter Kit, which included a tiny bottle of Sisterlocks Getting Started Shampoo and some instructions on what to do with my hair as well as what to expect with Sisterlocks.

Now what?

Chasrah told me that now I was to only use the Getting Started Shampoo and no other products.  She said to constantly wet my test Sisterlocks and watch them change.  We also scheduled my locking day for two weeks from my consultation.

During those two weeks, I noticed those scraggly, little locs which blended well with my puff eventually drop down and need to be wrapped around my puff.  They didn’t double in size during that short period, but they definitely got plumper.

What you can expect at your Sisterlocks consultation

  1. A good look at the Sisterlocks book
  2. A discussion on what you want your Sisterlocks to look like
  3. An analysis of your hair, including  length and density
  4. Installation of your test Sisterlocks
  5. The total price
  6. Your Starter Kit
  7. How to care for your test Sisterlocks
  8. A date for your locking day

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