By Terez Howard

For me, I had a limited number of options.  I went to the official Sisterlocks website and found my area.  I contacted a half dozen or so consultants and trainees on the list within a 2 1/2 hour-radius of my home in mid-eastern Ohio.  Interestingly, only one got back with me in a timely manner – Chasrah Gomer.  She became my consultant.

My experience makes the process sound easy.  But it wasn’t.  I was frustrated that most of the consultants and trainees did not contact me, and I didn’t want to just settle for the one person that actually contacted me back.

Sisterlocks consultant

My awesome Sisterlocks consultant, Chasrah Gomer, of Columbus, Ohio

So, I turned to BlaqKofi, a Sisterlocks consultant from Oklahoma with a rockin’ blog.  She advised me to ask these questions:

  1. I noticed on the official Sisterlocks website that I should receive a Starter Kit with my Sisterlocks package. Do you offer this as part of your package?
  2. What hours/days do you work?
  3. How long will my retightening  appointments last?
  4. What if I have problems with my locs requiring extra time during retightenings?  Is there an additional charge?
  5. What tool do you use to install and retighten locs?
  6. You said your price starts at $550, plus length and density. When/how will I know the actual price?
  7. Lastly, why did you choose to become a Sisterlocks consultant?

Why I asked these questions

Basically, by asking these questions, I could see whether or not Chasrah was the best consultant for me.  Let’s break down the reasons for these questions.

1. The Starter Kit.  The majority of consultants and trainees will include this in the price of the Sisterlocks package, which will include your consultation, locking day and first follow-up visit.  You want to ensure the person that will install your Sisterlocks offers this, even if it’s not included with the initial package.  Failure to provide a Starter Kit could denote this person is not an official consultant or trainee.

2. Work days.  The schedule of your consultant/trainee must mesh with your own.  If you’re like me and live a distance from your consultant/trainee, you need her to have a somewhat flexible schedule.  If her schedule is not clearly defined, you will most likely have a difficult time sceduling with her.

3. Retightening.  Sisterlocks can be time-consuming to maintain, especially if you have a slow consultant/trainee and if you have a lot of locs.  Chasrah takes about 2 hours to retighten, and she does it perfectly.  Using her skills as basis, I would say that if you have under 500 locs, you can expect the retightenings to last no more than 4 hours.  Your consultant or trainee should be able to give you a general idea of the time she will spend retightening your hair.  If she cannot give you a general time, you will want to consider finding a different consultant or trainee.

*Remember, in the beginning, when your Sisterlocks are getting established and swell, retightenings will take longer.  Once the locs compress down, your retightening times will be consistent.

4. Charges.  No one likes the idea of hidden charges.  Since Sisterlocks can be pricey in the beginning, you want to know what type of expenses you’ll have.

5. The tool.  Official Sisterlocks consultants and trainees must use the Sisterlocks tool.  If she uses the tool, she is official.  There are women out there not on the list who never took the proper training to become a consultant or trainee and still claim to do Sisterlocks with another tool.  Even if those locs somewhat resemble official Sisterlocks, these ladies are not installing official Sisterlocks.

6. Charges again.  I would like to think that money is no object when it comes to looking beautiful.  But we all have budgets, and we have to be realistic.  Get all the charges out in the open.

7. About her.  This question is meant to give you some insight into the kind of person she is.  You will be spending a great deal of time with your consultant or trainee.  During locking day, expect to spend at least the entire day with her, maybe longer.  Is this someone who values the Sisterlocks method and who cares about her clients?  Or, is she just in it for the money?

Other questions to ask

Looking back on my experience, here are a couple other questions I would ask:

1. What are the best ways to contact you?
Some consultants are computer saavy.  Others are not.  Some trainees text constantly.  Others do not.  You want to know the best way to get a hold of her because when you’re freaking out over what your natural hair is doing, you want to be able to get a quick response.  You invest a lot of money into Sisterlocks.  You don’t want to ruin your hair because you’re consultant never e-mailed you back.

2. Where will you do my hair?
I’m happy that my consultant owns a salon.  It makes the experience professional.  If a consultant/trainee does work out of her home, what is her home like?  Will there be a lot of commotion when you’re trying to get your hair done?  Is that the type of environment you want to be in for hours on end?

3. What forms of payment do you accept?
Are you going to always need to pay in cash, or is credit and check an option?

4. Do you offer a free consultation?
Several consultants and trainees offer this for free.  I recommend sitting down and talking with your consultant/trainee to get a feel for her personality and work ethic.  Is she the kind of person that you want conduct business with?

5. Can I see pictures of your work?
You can get an idea of what your hair will look like and how well it will be maintained if you see her portfolio.

I’m happy

Chasrah fit the bill for me.  When you’re searching for the best Sisterlocks consultant or trainee, don’t just settle for anyone.  Shop around.  Visit 2 or 3, if necessary.

What other questions would you ask when you’re looking for the best Sisterlocks consultant or trainee?

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