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Curly Locs With Pipe Cleaners!

By Terez Howard

So, it has been a long time since I used pipe cleaners to curl my locs.  I buckled down one morning after a run and shampooing, and I set my hair in pipe cleaners.

I made these pipe cleaner rollers a few years ago and pulled them out for this style.  If you want to make your own pipe cleaner rollers, simply fold a pipe cleaner in half and twirl it around itself like you would a twisty tie.  At the halfway point of the pipe cleaner, leave a loop, which is used when you pull the pipe cleaners out.

I tried to wrap my micro locs very tightly to achieve long lasting curls.  But for some sections, I wrapped so tightly that I couldn’t just pull the pipe cleaners out because they were stuck around the hair.  When you curl your locs with pipe cleaners, I recommend not wrapping TOO tightly.  If you’re not careful, you can rip your ends.pipe cleaners

I set them for just under 24 hours, sleeping in them overnight.  The hair really should be completely dry before removing the pipe cleaners.  I didn’t sit under my hooded dryer at all this time.  The heat of the day and night helped the hair to dry completely.

I loved the results, especially after my micro locs fell a little.  The first picture shows the length of my locs.  The second picture shows my hair the day after I removed the pipe cleaners.  The final picture shows how the style looked after a week.  I went swimming that same day, so that was the end of the style.

The verdict: A great style if you want really tight curls!


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