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If I Could Time Travel…

By Terez Howard

If I could time travel, I would…

Not have gotten Sisterlocks

No disrespect to the Sisterlocks brand.  But these microlocs on my head cost a lot of money.  Between the installation and year of retightenings, I spent more on my hair in that one year with Sisterlocks than I have spent on salon visits my entire life.

It wasn’t just about the money, though.  I was more than willing to pay for a superior service.  I liked the idea of having a trained professional assist me every step of the way.  When it was all said and done, however, I did not receive professional service.  When you travel 2.5 hours to a hair appointment and the consultant is visiting Disney World, you tend to lose a considerable amount of respect for her.  When she doesn’t keep appointments on repeated occasions, you decide to never return to her again.

After I got my Sisterlocks, I found that interlocking could have helped me achieve a twin-like look at a fraction of the cost and perhaps with an actual professional.

The bottom line: Sisterlocks were not worth the money.

Have larger locssisterlocks

I always planned to ultimately maintain my own hair.  I was convinced for some reason that smaller was better.  Even with the unprofessionalism I experienced, I have to give that consultant her props.  She did an excellent installation job.  She even encouraged me to go a little larger because of my somewhat fine hair texture.  I conceded.

Looking back, I would be happy with locs twice the size of mine.  They would actually still be quite small because of the way my hair is, and they would take half the time to retighten.  I would spend a few hours every six weeks, as opposed to a few hours over the course of three days.

How can this help you?

If you want to save money, go for an interlocking method without the Sisterlocks brand name attached to it.  I have seen a variety of interlocked ladies that have a nearly identical look to Sisterlocks.  You could literally save hundreds of dollars!

If you plan to DIY your hair, opt for a larger size.  It will be faster and easier to maintain those roots.

I blame myself for not doing enough research before I locked.  I encourage you to do your research and ask lots of questions.

Would you change anything about your locs?microlocs

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